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Find the perfect handbag or purse for moms on the go. Stay fashionable and organized with these trendy options that are both functional and stylish.
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One thing that all us moms can relate to is that we have to be prepared for everything that comes our way – even on the go. We also have to be prepared to hold all the stuff our kids need and also what they decide they no longer wish to hold themselves. So, here are the 10 best purses for moms that are just as stylish as they are versatile and durable to take us through everything that motherhood brings our way. When it comes to finding the perfect “mom bag”, there are so many different…

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As much as I love my diaper bag, lately I’ve been finding myself ready to move on to something a little smaller–and a little more manageable. Gone are the days (for now) that I need to lug around a case of diapers, extra clothes, a swaddling blanket, and half of the toy box…just to name a few... View Post

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