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Discover a wide range of creative crafts and DIY projects using Modge Podge with glass. Transform ordinary glass objects into unique and personalized creations with these inspiring ideas.
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I am loving antique colored glass right now! I wanted to redecorate my kitchen shelves, so I thought it would be the perfect change! I went and looked for some at thrift stores, but they were more expensive than just plain glass. At one shop they wanted $10 an item! I’m really thrifty (aka cheap),… Continue reading Colored Glass Kitchen Decor DIY

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Completed my first DIY project for the blog!! Go me! Now for the directions.. Need: -Assorted Jars -Mod Podge (gloss-lustre) -Food coloring -Wax paper -Baking pan I started by peeling the labels off all of the jars... which was not fun... but nothing a little Goo Gone (Target dollar section) couldn't handle. Next in a separate mixing bowl combine Mod Podge and food coloring. I used dixie cups and craft sticks to mix, and I did not measure (just plopped it all in there). I did not add any…

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