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The biggest problem with smart-speakers is that they’re voices without faces – LAYER’s Capsula Mini fixes that | Yanko Design Industrial, Industrial Design, Speakers, Design, Apps, Smart Speaker, Speaker, Touch Panel, Smart

Filling a rather strangely-ignored UX gap with the smart-speaker market, LAYER Design's smart-speaker for Russia-based comes with its own expressive little face that reacts as it listens and speaks. Titled the Capsula Mini, the smart speaker runs's native voice AI - Marusya, while assuming the friendly avatar of a little AI butler that's

Lebedev Nikita
Sound Seed Speakers | an innovative design based on the natural design of hanging birds nests Gadgets, Usb, Sound Speaker, Audio Equipment, Speaker Design, Speaker, Sound System, Audio Design, Sound Design

Cordless home electronics products are always preferable with all range of users but when it comes about choosing speakers, it’s quite hard to find one with cordless facility because of the huge power requirement. Sound Seed is a uniquely designed bird nest shaped speakers with a combination of black and white slick body that can...

Kit Joseph
10 Most Beautiful Speakers You Won't Want to Hide Industrial, Inspiration, Vintage Industrial, Speaker Design, Modern Speakers, Speaker, Sound Speaker, Diy Speakers, Hifi

Speakers for your home audio system come in many shapes and sizes, some more decor-friendly than others. Here are 10 speaker designs that make listening a visually inviting experience. Just remember, always make sure to audition speakers before you buy – as we all know, looks can sometimes be deceiving.The Drop and Mini Pod are two whimsical speaker designs from Scandya of Denmark. These little guys help create that retro chic look for your pad.

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