Modern colonial bathroom

Create a timeless and elegant bathroom with modern colonial design ideas. Discover how to incorporate classic elements into your bathroom for a sophisticated and stylish look.
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At EM, we’re dedicated to celebrating the creativity and vision of homeowners and designers alike. Our home tour series offers an inside look into the spaces that have been transformed with love and ingenuity by moms across the country. Through these tours, we hope to inspire a sense of community and appreciation for the art […]

Madeleine Hurlbut
Piper Project – West of Main Design

West of Main Design is an international award-winning ⭐ interior design firm specializing in high-end custom homes, remodels, and renovations. We oversee all aspects of large-scale design projects for clients across North America, including new build homes, kitchen and bathroom remodels, restaurants, and more.

Eliza Eaton