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Explore a collection of amazing model castle ideas to inspire your own miniature kingdom. Create a captivating display with these top ideas for model castles.
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3 of 3 houses created. The Castle Hi Everyone, I was recently inspired to start creating houses this past month and using the windows I created out of plaster. I ended up working on 3 different houses at the same time since I kept getting inspired to start another one before one was finished. Which worked out very well it kept me busy and while one was drying I could work on another on. I was able to finish all 3 in 20 days which I think is a new record for my speed. I used a ton of paper…

Katie Bounds
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During Gen Con, the greatest 4 days in gaming, there was a lot of time to roam the exhibit hall and see all the great new games that are out there to play. Like always, the big attention drawing tables were the miniature figure games. And the amazing scenes that really catch the passer-by’s eye […]

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