Mirror closet doors

Enhance the look of your home with elegant mirror closet doors. Discover top ideas to add style and functionality to your closets with beautiful mirror doors.
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Mirrored doors have come a long way since your heavy old gold steel sliding closet doors that are so hard to open and close. They are now available with wood frames that can be painted, aluminum frames in a variety of finishes, "frame-less mirrors" and with either beveled or flat mirror.

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Installing sliding mirror closet doors is an inexpensive and effective interior upgrade. Find the best mirrors for closets and doors at Fab Glass and Mirror.

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Try not to think about your gym as the only residential space that can display a mirror wall – indulge in the luxury of creating visually larger, brighter spaces in your home by using this wonderful way of spreading natural light in darker corners while preserving much of the light’s original quality. Unlike electric lights […]

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Many home projects are the result of lots of careful planning, but some get started thanks to pure accident. DIYer Megann Gresham’s (@gresham_houze) recent bedroom redo for her stepson fell into the latter category.When Megann and her family moved in, the bedroom was a light gray with mirrored closet doors — all of which her stepson, 10 at the time, really liked. “The space functioned fine, it just lacked pizazz,” Megann says.