Mild chicken curry recipe

Try our mouthwatering mild chicken curry recipe that is packed with flavor. Discover how to make this easy and comforting dish at home and impress your family and friends with your culinary skills.
Coconut Curry Chicken (Kid Friendly) - Our Salty Kitchen Cooking, Recipes, Dishes, Main Dishes, Dinner, Sweet And Sour Pork, Easy Meals, Tasty, Fresh Spices

All of the flavor with none of the fear! Coconut Curry Chicken is creamy and mild - never spicy (unless you want it to be). Plus, this savory combination of chicken and veggies with aromatic spices may seem complex, but that's just the flavor profile! This easy recipe results in a meal to please even your pickiest diners and is totally adjustable for those with dietary restrictions and those who like it hot.

sara mcdermott