Mexican broccoli

Elevate your broccoli game with these mouthwatering Mexican recipes. Discover flavorful dishes that will make you fall in love with broccoli all over again.
Roasted Tex Mex Broccoli is Marinated with Seasonings like Fresh Garlic, Ground Cumin and Paprika, then Roasted in the Oven! Roasted Vegetables are the best way to eat Vegetables and Not be Mushy!

Roasted Tex Mex Broccoli is Marinated with Fresh Garlic, Ground Cumin and Paprika then Roasted in the Oven! A Delicious Side Dish to serve with any Dinner! Roa

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Now that the holidays are over, just about everyone I know is making a pledge to eat better, lose weight, or simply be smarter about their food choices. I'm not really one for resolutions, as I think that improvement can (and should) come at any time of year. However, when even Sally's Baking Addiction is

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This Mexican Broccoli Salad is a fun change of pace from the classic and it's made without mayo! It's also gluten free, vegan, and paleo as well as the perfect side dish to so many grilling options. We love to pair this salad with my Chipotle Grilled Chicken for a simple meal full of fresh veggies and yummy flavor. And even though there's lots of veggies in this recipe, the food processor helps to speed up the prep work so you can make this often.