Metal roof coating

Discover the benefits of metal roof coating and how it can enhance the lifespan of your roof. Find top ideas to protect your roof from weather damage and improve energy efficiency.
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It's been said that if a metal roof is perfectly installed, there is no need for sealants. Perhaps therein lies some truth, but perfection is elusive, especially under field conditions. All roofs will leak at some point, but metal roofs are particularly challenging. Metal has a high coefficient of expansion, so it moves more extensively with temperature swings. To complicate matters further, metal roofs feature flashings and other details that also move along different directions. Further…

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Many homeowners with metal roofs grow tired of the color after time has passed. Given the high costs of installing a metal roof, plenty of people wonder: Can I Paint a Metal Roof?Painting a metal roof is a fantastic way to give your old one a new life. But you can only paint metal roofs ... Read more

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Although metal roofs are not especially common, they can be both practical and stylish. As such, you might be wondering what color your house should be if it has a metal roof. Although gutters and trim can help bridge the roof and the house, the siding still needs to balance with that metallic texture. We […]

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Ready for a new metal roof? If so, you'll have to decide between the two types of metal roofs , a standing seam metal roof or a screw down metal roof. Here, you'll learn about the two types of metal roofs and how they compare to each other on important factors like cost, maintenance, and more.

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