Mean humor

Explore the world of mean humor with these hilarious jokes that will leave you in stitches. Get ready for a laughter riot and share the fun with your friends!
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It's no secret that having a sense of humor is crucially important in life. A healthy sense of humor allows you to fill your days with positive emotions, heal you when you're feeling under the weather, and even nourish you with some health benefits. The simplest way to get your daily dose of dark humor is, of course, a nice list of dark humor memes.

Carol Mullaney
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Do you remember the days of having to squeeze characters into one message just so you didn’t have to pay for another text? Move over, Jenny. Not only has texting changed a lot over the years, but it’s also become a normal way for many of us to communicate. Whether it’s meeting new friends, trying to get out of a meeting with your boss, or checking in with your family, there are all kinds of ways people now have the opportunity to hilariously mess up.

Funny Texts, Friends, Humour, Funny Fails, Funny Text Messages, Funny Text Conversations, Bad Neighbors, Text Message Fails, Text Conversations

Have you ever found yourself wondering about what could have been? Some of us often find ourselves in nostalgic moves as we go over all the people we have met and loved along the way. It can sometimes be tough to put those feelings to rest. However, texting an ex-partner might not be the best way to bring those memories back to life. After all, there’s usually a reason for the split and trying to reignite the flame might be too much to handle.Not only was this person thinking about their…

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Over the years, I've talked with many comic artists, and many find the issue of putting a whole idea into just four panels to be the most challenging. Now imagine quadrupling this challenge, and putting the same idea into just one panel. Most comic artists would despair, but Dave Blazek would feel like a fish in the water because it's the thing that he does best. The brilliant cartoonist has years and years of experience doing syndications for The New Yorker and other prominent magazines…

Christine Willich