Mattress on floor

Transform your bedroom into a cozy retreat with these creative ideas for using a mattress on the floor. Create a relaxed and minimalist look that invites you to unwind and relax in style.
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IMPORTANT TIPS : This mattress is compressed in a box for convenient delivery. After opening the package, please leave the mattress for 2-3 days to regain its original thickness more EXCELLENT QUILTING : The unique memory foam in the futon mattress can offer sufficient support.Our quilting is not only beautiful but also helps to distribute the filling evenly and provide you a better sleeping experience FIVE LAYER DESIGN : Queen Size: 60"x80",Five-layer Structure Design: Microfiber Cotton…

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About this item Solid wood board, strong and durable. 3cm high, breathable and moisture-proof,On the tatami or the floor, effectively prevent the mattress after a long time of use damp mold. Nylon belt connection, convenient folding storage. Back anti-slip mat design, protect the floor, reduce noise, sleep at ease.Exquisite chamfering, hand sanding.

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A tatami mat is a type of mat used in traditional Japanese rooms. They are made of straw and sometimes, wood. Tatami mats are often used as flooring, but they can also be used to sleep on.. If you put a mattress on the floor, using a tatami mat can make it more comfortable. The mat will help evenly distribute your body weight and provide a bit of cushioning.

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