Mason jar cocktails

Elevate your next party with these mouthwatering mason jar cocktails. Discover creative recipes and impress your guests with refreshing drinks served in a unique way.
Ready made cocktails in mason jars... Never thought to already have them filled and chilled! Fun for a summer BBQ Alcohol, Foodies, Gin, Drinking, Cocktail, Party Drinks, Fun Drinks, Booze, Bbq Party

If you’re looking for an easy way to take care of your guests, look no further than the ubiquitous, ever-handy Mason jar. We all probably have a few canning jars at the back of the pantry, and they can be extra helpful when it comes to parties and gatherings. Pre-make cool cocktails before your guests arrive with this simple tip!Want to make things a little more simple for your guests? Try mixing up cocktails in advance and storing them in Mason or canning jars.

Easy mixed drink preparation and serving idea for summer. Simply put all ingredients in mason jars and put on ice. Guests just need to give the jar a few shakes and enjoy! Margaritas, Jars, Mason Jars, Ideas, Mixers, Mason Jar Crafts, Alcohol, Mason Jar Drinks, Mason Jar Cocktails

Mason Jar Mixed Drink Mixers Idea: Add Ingredients to Mason Jars, Put on Ice, Shake & Enjoy! Last weekend we were treated to a hard-earned taste of Spring. The skies were blue and the temperatures demanded shorts and flip flops and short-sleeved tops ... ... along with leg shaving and toe nail painting. ;)

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