Marathon cross training

Boost your marathon performance with these effective cross training exercises. Improve your endurance, strength, and flexibility to become a stronger and faster runner.
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This post is all about Half Marathon Training Plans For Beginners. The Ultimate Half Marathon Training Plans For Beginners If you've signed up for your first (or second) half marathon, congrats! Now it's the hard part... you have to put in the graft and dedicate time to make sure you stay consistent with your training plan. The sooner you start training for your half marathon, the better prepared you will be! I ran my first half marathon in 2022 and I followed a 10 week training programme.

Lisa Roddie
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Marathon training can be approached in thousands of different ways - but by following these tried-and-tested rules, you can optimise your training journey and maximise your chances of marathon success! Having now worked with thousands

Christine Walsh
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Because Bean is still taking daily naps (at least, in a perfect world they happen daily), I use our video monitor constantly. I have been a big fan of Levana ever since we had to replace a VERY expensive video monitor after it pretty much broke itself just through daily use and the company never...

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