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I used to love drawing my own treasure maps as a boy, especially the tea-staining stage which transformed my doodled piece of white paper into an antique parchment. I’ve been reliving that childhood experience by producing a toolkit for Adobe Illustrator which helps you construct your own treasure map digitally, using a range of vector […]

Jennifer H.
Fablehand - Handwritten fantasy script font Editorial, Fantasy Map Making, Medieval Books, Fantasy Map, Map Maker, Map Sketch, Writing Fonts, Medieval Drawings, Map

Fablehand draws from the artistry of medieval cartography and the flowing strokes of an oriental brush pen. Offering a hand-drawn style that lends an authentic touch to your fantasy maps. This font was designed to deliver a script that feels like it came from the pen of a map-maker while prioritizing readability. #mapeffects #rpg #pathfinder #dungeonsanddragons #font #fantasy

Wendy Chávez
Fantasy Books, Sea Monsters, Fantasy World Map, Sea Monsters Drawing, Fantasy Map Making, Fantasy World, Fantasy Map, Scale, Map Maker

If you want the coastlines to look like they’re popping off the page, then adding some cliffs is a great way to do it. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to do and it will instantly make your map look much more professional. In this Map Tip, you will learn some simple techniques to help your maps stand o

Mathilde Puech

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