Mala mantra

Discover the power of mala mantra meditation to cultivate inner peace and harmony. Explore ancient mantras and techniques to enhance your spiritual practice and find balance in your daily life.
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An Easy Way to Use Mala Beads to Open Chakras

Mala beads can be affordable, easy to use, beautiful, and a tool to help you open your chakras during meditation. Learn what mala beads are, how using mala beads can balance chakras, and some good mantras for meditating with mala beads. You'll also discover how to pick a chakra to focus on, how to u

Suzanne DeReu
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What are Mala Beads? And How Do I Use Them?

When I was in Thailand, Mala beads were being sold everywhere. They were beautiful and had that spiritual allure I'm such a sucker for. I knew they were more than just a fashion accessory, and that's precisely why I didn't buy any. I didn't know anything about them at the time, and I didn't want to just toss them around my neck like another quintessential wanna-be yogi tourist from America. I never stopped wondering about those beads though. So when the opportunity to attend a workshop…

Nisha Pramod Kedar