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Alphabet of the Necromancer Common Tongue | Alfabeto de linguagem gestual, Letras estranhas, Ideias de caligrafia Symbols, Book Of Shadows, Wicca, Runes, Ancient Alphabets, Spell Book, Ancient Symbols, Symbology, Different Alphabets

Apr 23, 2015 - Description From my books. This is the alphabet of the common tongue, the language of everyday life in the Necromantic Empire Spent a long time writing and re-doing this. I wanted something that flowed, that looked like the letters just naturally blended together, and that took a while to achieve. Now, as a budding linguist, it should be apparent that the only thing that would translate directly into this tongue would be names (it is a whole other language), which is why…

Jeremiah Martens
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Description I made this YEARS ago when I made my other alphabets, and chose to never share it. I kept it to myself, secret, like the tribe it belongs too. Truth be told I wasn't sure at the time if I may have other intentions for this alphabet, but it's kept it's association all these years. I'm sharing the scan of my Sheikah alphabet now, for various reasons. Such as the fact that I find it somewhat ironic that the new Hylian in Skyward Sword somewhat resembles Sheikah, in a sense. The more…

Estelle Thorinston