Lower extremity

Improve your lower extremity strength and flexibility with these effective exercises. Discover the best techniques to enhance your lower body performance and prevent injuries.
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The Gluteus Medius (Glute Med) is one of the most important muscles for injury prevention in the lower limbs, balance and stability. It is also an important muscle for achieving high extension, multiple turns, and beautiful jumps. As you can see in the picture above, the Gluteus Medius lies deep to the Gluteus Maximus and attaches toward the outside of the hip. Because of the way it attaches, it is an extremely important hip stabilizer. When the Glute Med becomes weak or inactive it can…

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Lower Extremity Dermatomes and Myotomes Reflexes: • Knee - L2, L3, L4 • Ankle - S1 • Biceps - C5, C6 • Triceps - C6, C7, C8 • Supinator - C5, C6 Important Conditions: • Cauda Equina Syndrome - Low back pain, sciatica, saddle (perineal) anesthesia, genitourinary dysfunction, and bilateral leg paresis. Medical Emergency • Peroneal Neuropathy - Foot drop and sensory disturbance over dorsum of foot and lateral calf. Inversion reserved. Commonly caused by damage to peroneal nerve at fibular neck…