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Long John Silver is the treacherous ship's cook and principal villain in Muppet Treasure Island. Silver befriends young Jim Hawkins. He even confessed one night that when he was eight, his father died at sea — "first mate he was" — after Jim tells him his own father (also a first mate) died at sea when he was seven. He owns Bad Polly as a pet. However, Silver is actually planning a mutiny amongst the crew of the Hispaniola, so as to seek Captain Flint's treasure himself. He is a deceptively…

Jim and Silver, Treasure Island -- N.C. Wyeth Fantasy Art, Frederic Remington, Wyeth, Rpg, Newell, Robert Louis, American Artists, Artist, Nc Wyeth

By guest author, Charlie Allen Once again a visit with N.C.WYETH....and with his paintings for Robert Lewis Stevenson's 'Treasure Island'. The fourteen images (6 of which are included on this blog) are from a calendar beautifully produced in 1983 by Charles Scribner & Sons. They were reproduced and printed in Japan. The quality and color fidelity from the mostly original paintings (instead of from book reproductions) is outstanding. A heartfelt thanks and deep appreciation to Charles…

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