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The Music Box Key is one of the Keys. In 1851, Harland used the Music Box key in Hammersmith's final moments to make him tell Harland and his brothers where Delacotre was. In 1915, John invokes a secret command of the key on Fiona Locke and gives her subconscious instructions. A few hours later, Fiona, though slightly dazed by the key's effects, used the Music Box Key to make birds hang up the laundry and raccoons to sweep and mop the walkways around Keyhouse. Chamberlin Locke then locked it…

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The Head Key is one of the oldest Keys created by Benjamin Locke. The key was created by Benjamin during the Revolutionary War. His sister, Miranda, used this key to fill her head with knowledge on how to fight and kill, as well as removing her own fear, presumably in order to fight against the English. In 1988, the Tamers of the Tempest tried to incapacitate the recently-possessed Lucas Caravaggio by depriving him of his memories, only for the demon, Dodge, to recover them from Ellie…

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