Liquor shelf

Elevate your home bar with these creative liquor shelf ideas. Find inspiration to display and organize your collection in style.
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Beautiful live edge double bookshelf made from reclaimed wood, featuring a wine or liquor bottle rack. •Each item is a one-of a kind piece with stunning details and beautiful, hand rubbed finish. Wood species may vary and can include maple, pine, Douglas fir, cherry, oak, hickory, walnut and poplar. •Shelf depth may vary up to 1.5” from listed dimensions due to natural variations in the dimensions of reclaimed wood. •Select your dimensions and either Hooks (cup hooks) or Rack (wine glass…

Rana Williamson
IMPORTANT NOTES ABOUT THIS ITEM, 1) bottle stoppers are NOT INCLUDED with this item. 2) This shelf is not wide enough or long enough to hold all 8 bottles of blantons on one shelf. The overall length of the Blanton's bottle stopper double display shelf / rack is 36 inches x 16 inches tall x 8 inches deep and holds between 16 to 20 bottles depending upon size. Bourbon barrel staves make up the front and sides of this shelf display, which also features a curved bottom shelf front to mirror the c Tennessee, East Tennessee, Liquor Shelf Ideas, Whiskey Rack, Bar Shelves Ideas, Bar Shelves, Rustic Bar Cabinet, Barrel Stave, Liquor Shelf

All of our bar shelves are made from 100% American oak and are very sturdy and made to last a lifetime. We design all of our products to be as unique as the people who are buying them. We are a small family-owned business, located in the Great Smoky Mountain of East Tennessee, and all communication is done directly with the owner of the shop. We have a number of bar shelves made from bourbon barrel staves, in all shapes and sizes, so if this shelf does not fit your needs, please click on…

Barry Mosley