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Discover the fascinating journey of Levi Strauss, from its humble beginnings as a workwear brand to becoming a timeless fashion icon. Explore the history, innovations, and enduring style of Levi Strauss jeans.
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If Levi Strauss were alive today, he’d be celebrating his 190th birthday this week. At Levi Strauss & Co., we applaud our company founder as an astute businessman and generous philanthropist. His life is the American immigrant’s dream—a man who became a U.S. citizen and built a successful enterprise through his hard work. But he…

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There's never been a fabric with as much mass appeal as denim. A long-standing favorite for everyone from construction workers to supermodels, denim is the fabric of choice for people around the world. The rugged durability of denim makes it a reliable, hard-working fabric that lacks pretension, yet can be used for alm

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