Letter naming fluency activities

Boost your child's letter naming fluency with these fun and interactive activities. Help them develop strong reading skills while having a great time.
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Reading fluency is so important for our early readers to eventually ensure comprehension. Strong letter sound fluency equips students to decode CVC words effortlessly, fostering a smooth transition in their reading journey. While readiness varies among students, consistent practice significantly aids their decoding abilities. While I know for some students, it is developmental and there may be a readiness that they may not have, many students are able to and need that extra practice to help…

Nichole Knudson
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Kindergarten reading groups often don't involve any "reading" in the way that parents typically think. Your students may not be able to "read" I see the fat cat until the spring. But don't be fooled, the ground work that is laid in the first half of kindergarten is crucial to being a successful reader. But where do I start? In the words of Glenda the good witch "My dear, you start at the beginning." Letter naming. Kindergarten students need to identify the letters out of order, in both upper…

Gennie Garza
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Small group activities to do with your students during your literacy small-groups. Free file too! I love these activities as a warm-up before I begin my small-group reading instruction.

Maggie Leigh
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Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! (Effie style, minus the whole Reaping Day thing.) This is my very-first post here in my new blog. I'm crazy-excited! I hope you like it! You are probably here to learn how I SIGNIFICANTLY improved my student’s letter/sound fluency this year. Mind you, I did write SIGNIFICANTLY in capital letters for a reason. I’m screaming it at you: SIGNIFICANTLY!!!!!!!! This great change came after our incredible Reading Specialist suggested that I add motions to our letter/sound…

Sarah Monson