Lemon martini

Indulge in the tangy and refreshing flavors of lemon with these delicious lemon martini recipes. Shake up your cocktail game and enjoy a zesty twist with a hint of citrus.
This Limoncello Martini recipe is refreshing, lemony, zesty, and delicious!! If you like lemon drop martini cocktails you will love this drink. Also, you can easily change this recipe to make it a creamy limoncello martini, a raspberry, cranberry, strawberry, or any fruit flavor you wish to add. Buy Pallini or Caravella limoncello and vodka and you'll have this drink made in minutes. Limoncello is an Italian liqueur that is also so tasty by itself!!

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This Limoncello Martini is refreshing and blasting with sweet lemony citrus flavors! This insanely delicious cocktail made with Italian limoncello liqueur and vodka is life-changing, and you don't have to be a martini lover to fall head over heels in LOVE. Enjoy!

Janelle Belden