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Explore the possibilities of laser CNC machines for precise and intricate cutting. Enhance your craftsmanship and create stunning designs with these top ideas.
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GanGou Laser Engraver Off-line 3000mW laser class 4 engraving machine Engraving range: 17.5*15.5CM(6.8*6.1 in) carved more material. It can carve the IC card, leather , wood (thick or thin), bamboo, kraft paper,(It can’t carve metal or glass). (Does not support MAC ) Operating System: WIN-97/03/7/8/10 (Does not support MAC),Picture format: JPG / GIF / BMP / DIB / ICO / CUR /PNG Greater Power, Faster Speed, More Accurate Precision, If you are a true Maker, DIY Handyman or an artist, this…

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Modular DIY CNC Machine: Update: Thanks everyone for the interest and support in my design! In the year or so since this Instructable has been published I actually was able to create a second version of the machine. Check it out here! I'm a recent college grad with a degree…

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Make Your Own DIY CNC: This instructable outlines the assembly process of my 2nd generation CNC machine which I designed to be simple to build and quiet enough to be apartment friendly. I have included example projects that I have made in the first two weeks of using the …

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Set of 20 line icons in series of laser cutting. Computer numerical controlled printer, 3D milling machine. Illustration about beam, contour, application, metalwork - 110619347

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