Dive into the groundbreaking music of Korn, pioneers of the nu-metal genre. Discover their unique sound and explore their influential discography that has shaped the music scene for decades.
Another classic metal design, with the childish backwards 'R' calling to mind the terrifying "RED RUM" sequence in 'The Shining'. After the band's 1996 debut 'Life Is Peachy' came out, fellow nu-metal icon Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit tattooed the logo onto Korn guitarist Brian Welch's back. Vintage, Logos, Band Posters, Hardcore, ? Logo, Album Art, Random, Band, Band Stickers

Stourbridge “grebo” mob Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, notable for having two bass players, famously made more money from their merchandise than their music. During a three-year period during the early 1990s, the band produced over 80 different T-shirt designs. NYC thrash metal legends Anthrax memorably teamed up with Public Enemy for the 1991 […]

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