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Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Kobe, Japan. Discover top attractions, local cuisine, and hidden gems in this vibrant city. Plan your perfect trip to Kobe today!
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One of western Japan’s most popular cities, Kobe is well known for its resiliency following 1995’s Great Hanshin Earthquake, its international flavor, and, of course, world-famous Kobe beef. Around 30 minutes west of Osaka and located on a scenic harbor, Kobe is a natural addition to any western Japan itinerary and a great weekend destination. Here are the 20 best things to do in Kobe, perfect for any first-time visitor.

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Kobe's Chinatown, locally known as Nankinmachi, is all that and dim sum - see what we did there?! 🤣 But seriously, Nankinmachi is packed with Chinese restaurants and food stalls dishing up all your fave delicacies from steamed buns and Peking duck pancakes to dumplings and bubble tea. The best time to visit is once the sun sets and the striking red lanterns brighten the sky! 🏮📷 Captured by @chaijiro #VisitJapanAU #Cities#Kobe #Nankinmachi #Chinatown