Kitten rescue

Learn how to rescue and care for kittens with these helpful tips and tricks. Find out the best practices for providing a safe and loving environment for rescued kittens.
Woman Rescues Kitten and Watches Him Transform, the Kitten Ends Up Changing Her Life - Love Meow Dogs, Dog Cat, Foster Cat, Grey Kitten, Feral Cats, Foster Kittens, Kitten Rescue, Cats And Kittens, Cute Cats And Dogs

A woman rescued a kitten and watched him transform. The kitten ended up changing her life. Fievel the kittenEmilie @emiliexfostersEmilie, an animal rescuer and foster carer based in Milwaukee, WI, never expected that a tiny preemie kitten would change her life.Four...

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Little Pixel was rescued from the highway when she was just a few days old. Photo: vexingvixen"While biking with a friend we found this little girl screaming on the side of a busy highway. We took her to the shelter but they didn't have the resources to care for her and warned me that she might not ...

Tiny Stray Kitten Meows Her Way into the Heart of Another Rescue Cat - Love Meow Kitty Cats, Dog Cat, Kitten Love, Kitten Meowing, Cat Love, Cats And Kittens, Cat Care, Cat Rescue, Cute Funny Animals

Two weeks ago, a little orphaned kitten meowed her way into a new home and the heart of another rescue cat. Meet Jane Snow aka Snowie. Courtesy: Anewor Rodavlas It was late at night when Anewor Rodavlas started hearing meowing from outside her home, but she couldn't see anything through the wi...

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Couple Surprised to Find Box of Kittens Abandoned in Their Truck, 3 Weeks After Rescue... - Love Meow Crazy Cat Lady, Cat Breeds, Kitten Rescue, Cat Rescue, Owning A Cat, Older Cats, Cats And Kittens, Kitten Surprise, Cute Cats And Dogs

A couple was shocked to find a box of kittens abandoned in the back of their truck when they returned from shopping. The kittens were huddled up against each other for comfort and warmth.They immediately rushed to get them help! SCAT Street Cat Rescue The couple reached out to SCAT S...

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Today, let us introduce you to one recent internet sensation named Janie. She's a tiny (and super adorable) kitten who, a couple of months ago, was rescued after being found abandoned on the side of the road in Ontario, Canada. Why do people adore her so much, you ask? Well, first of all, she's absolutely adorable. And secondly, she has this uniquely-colored fur that makes her look like a tiny baby raccoon.

Jocelyn Croci