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Get your kids moving and having fun with these exciting Kids Olympics activities. From relay races to obstacle courses, discover top ideas to keep your little ones active and entertained all summer long.
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As the Summer Olympic games are coming up why not create some interest and have fun by hosting your own Olympic games for the kids to participate in? Here are 10 great sports activities you can do at home: 1) Straw javelin 2) Hurdles 3) Balloon tennis 4) Ring toss 5) Shot put 6) Balance beam 7) Ball toss 8) Long jump 9) Bowling 10) Obstacle course Don’t forget to make some medals too! We’ll be having a family Olympics this year, will you? Please add your comment below. Main image sourced…

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Don't you just love the Olympics? I mean the world needs some uplifting right now. There has been so much chaos going on. We really need something to celebrate. Growing up, I wanted to be an Olympian - specifically in gymnastics. Unfortunately, I can't even do a cartwheel. But a girl can dream! haha Talking

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