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Discover creative and entertaining ways to help your kids improve their focus. Explore top ideas and techniques that will keep them engaged and focused on their tasks.
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Many parents wonder about how to improve children’s concentration and focus, especially because lack of focus can have an important impact on their academic and social outcomes. But the truth is that all children struggle with concentration and focus at some point for the simple reason that this is a development skill that has to

Over 20 interventions, strategies, and supports to help teach attention skills to kids and young adults. Being able to focus and pay attention is a requirement for learning! Use these activities to help students with ADHD and ALL learners improve focus while improving your classroom management. Try attention grabbers, setting a timer, using fidgets, implementing flexible seating, and more. This is for regular education AND special education needs! #adhd #pathway2success School Psychology, Adhd, Executive Functioning, Social Emotional Learning, Teaching Strategies, School Social Work, Help Teaching, School Counseling, Special Education Classroom

Challenges with focus and attention can become a huge roadblock to learning for kids and young adults. Simply put, attention is critical to learning. If students can't focus on the lesson, they are going to struggle with understanding the new content. If students can't focus on the directions, they

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This is an old blog post from January 31, 2016 on the benefits of movement and various sensory exercises to improve focus and attention. We’ve updated this article as of January 22, 2024 to include more resources and strategies to support attention. Exercises for focus and attention depend on the individual’s unique needs, but there ... Read more