Key ring ideas

Discover unique and practical key ring ideas to keep your keys organized and easily accessible. Find inspiration to add a touch of style to your everyday routine.
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What is the most common gift article that we tend to give our friends of loved ones? The keyrings! Yes, the keyrings are one of the most common gift articles that you must have given someone out of love or as a souvenir from a different country. This is because the keyrings are cheap and can have many little details that can convey immense messages. Moreover, you can also sell them for your little income as well. Do you want to have some simpleDIY Key Ring Ideas to Try This Year? Well, we…

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This paracord keychain is SO COOL! All you need is some paracord and a key ring to make this DIY keychain that's perfect for hiking, camping, and the outdoors. Choose your favourite colours and make a simple box knot (full instructions below!) to form this survival keychain in 15 minutes or less. These paracord keychains are fun and easy to make, and they can be unraveled for use in an emergency! This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something we may earn a small…

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Diy Terrarium Necklace or Barbie Bottle Garden - Improvised Life Diy Jewellery, Diy, Terrariums, Diy Necklace, Terrarium, Terrarium Necklace, Bottle Necklace, Jewelry Crafts, Bottle Charms

While following the trail of 'bottle gardens', we came across this oddly-compelling DIY: a tiny terrarium necklace. Needing little care once it's made, it is a swell way to wear a bit of Nature.See the step-by-step how-to at Ecouterre. You can buy miniature glass bottle charms in a variety of shapes, including the one above, here. We like this globe-ish shape...And of course, you can fill 'em with other stuff...

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