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Discover a wide selection of unique and colorful Keith Haring posters that will add a touch of creativity to your space. Explore top ideas to showcase your love for this iconic artist's work.
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About Keith Haring, Art in Transit: Subway Drawings with Photos by Tseng Kwong Chi: This highly collectible & well preserved 1984 Keith Haring monograph examines them much historic & seminal chalk drawings done by Keith Haring on blank advertising spaces in the New York City subway during the early 1980s. "An art book, a photography book, a collection of graphic jokes, a celebration of city life, a happening...'Art in Transit' is a collection of Keith Haring's subway drawings, which lights…

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What I've got for y'all today is an ensemble brought to you by the exquisite fabric known as pleather. Which I have decided can only be pronounced as "plehh-thahh" in a deep and gravely Barry White voice, preferably followed by a "baby". As in, "I wanna wrap you in plehh-thahh, baby, plehh-thahhhhh." And just who doesn't want be draped from head-to-toe in leather fauxness with Barry White at their beck and call, hmmm? Little known fact: pleather actually comes from the rare and annoying…