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Go: simple rules complex strategy. This pure skill board game makes chess look trivial - there are more possible games of Go than atoms in universe. Computers beat us at chess, but can't beat those that can use the human intuition skills that computers lack. OzGoGuy at: Baduk Game, Bioshock Art, Hikaru No Go, Black And Blue Wallpaper, Typed Quotes, Future Games, Happy Wallpaper, Play N Go, Keep Calm Quotes

Go, (baduk/weiqi/igo) is the most complex strategy board game in the world, I myself is a go player. Finding the lack of good t-shirt and product for go enthusiast, I decided to design and create my own! I also have several others design revolving around the game. This is the first authentic keep calm design for go board game, I have seen others but they does not represent our beloved game correctly, I have no idea why should we use the crown symbol, isn’t this one better?! Right?! Keep Calm…

Ryan Meese