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Kuih kapit Ingredients : 1 cup plain flour 1 pack rice flour 18 egg sugar ( ratio 1 : 1 with egg ) 6 - 7 pure santan ( coconut milk ) ~This recipe is base on my prefer taste ...you may +/- the ingredients as your own prefer taste Directions : Combine all ingredients into a big mixing bowl and stir well. Sieve 2 time or until no lump. **For the santan no exactly answer on this Cause we need to mixed it with the flour untill it form a creamy batter ( something like yogurt or pancake batter)…

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One of the sweetest ways to celebrate the Lunar New Year is with the Malaysian Chinese tradition of making ‘love letter’ crepes. Known as kuih kapit, love letter crepes are sweet and crispy wafers flavoured with coconut and sugar, served folded or rolled into cigars. Did you know the story behind these kuih kapit? Find out here.

Foochow Egg Roll Vs Nyonya Love Letters (Kuih Kapit) Kapit, Egg Rolls, Love Letters, Eggs, Tableware, Nina, Baking, Collection, Food

I am sure every single item of the Chinese New Year Open House would bring lots of memories to you. Today as I have a good bite of the crunchy but melt in the mouth love letters I think of those days when love letters had to be made by mums and aunts and not every household had them. Growing up in Sibu was interesting. I am from a frugal Foochow family where making of cakes and even curries were then frown upon. Basic food (no frills) on the table: one vegetable, one soup and one meat or…

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