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‘Masculine arrogance blows’: Jonathan Richman’s letter to Creem magazine, 1973 | Dangerous Minds Rock Music, People, Vintage, American Casual, Punk, Journalism, Rich Man, Jonathan Richman, The Modern Lovers

Though I can’t dig up the issue to prove it, the backstory is supposedly this: In 1973, Creem magazine ran something negative on The Four Seasons, arguing that rock music demanded a “masculine arrogance.” Never one to stand for the besmirching of sweetness, Jonathan “I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar” Richman sent them a brief what-for. For a reminder of what Richman does think of masculine arrogance, I added a little “Pablo Picasso” at the bottom. Though the tune was recorded in 1972, it…

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Jonathan Richman fills out the N.Y. Rocker questionnaire Punk, People, Jonathan Richman, Buddy Holly, Jonathan, The Modern Lovers, Rich Man, Patton, Damn Yankees

The February 1978 edition of N.Y. Rocker ran a feature by Craig Zeller called “Jonathan Richman: A Roadrunner for Your Love.” The article has one of the better opening lines I can remember: “I’m straight and I used to be in love with Jonathan Richman.” Not only does it reference one of Richman’s defining tunes, “I’m Straight,” but it also puts forward the prospect of falling out of love with Jonathan Richman. (Actually, having seen Richman complain about the A/C the last two times I saw him…

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