Joker make-up

Transform yourself into the iconic Joker with these mesmerizing make-up ideas. Discover how to create a captivating and authentic look that will leave everyone in awe.
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Joker Temporary Tattoos Suicide Squad Costume Cosplay

Most complete set of realistic Joker temporary tattoos from Suicide squad movie. You can choose between 3 options: Option 1: All face, front torso, arms, hand tattoos (see photo option 1) Option 2: All face, front torso, arms, hand, and fan art back tattoos (see photo option 2) {fan art joker back tattoos} Option 3: All face, front torso, arms, hand and dragon back tattoos (see photo option 3) {this one is the MOST ACCURATE replica of the 3 options. As seen in the collectible figurines the…