Jerry schatzberg

Discover the fascinating photography and filmmaking of Jerry Schatzberg. Immerse yourself in his unique perspective and artistic vision that has influenced generations of artists.
Frank Zappa 1967. "There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life." –Frank Zappa People, Films, Film Director, Film, Frank Zappa, Jerry Schatzberg, Franks, Music Photo, Documentaries

Jerry Schatzberg is a photographer and film director. Before going on to direct films in the 1970s, Schatzberg had already established a career as a professional photographer. His work appeared in many magazines including Vogue, Esquire and McCalls. Here's a selection of 16 extraordinary portraits of celebrities taken by Jerry Schatzberg in the 1960s Frank Zappa, 1967 Rolling Stones in drag, 1966 Wilbur and James De Paris, 1967 Sharon Tate, 1966 Warren Beatty, 1967 Edie Sedgwick, 1966 Milos…

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Jerry Schatzberg - Chico Hamilton in Street, 1962 - Jerry Schatzberg (Portrait Photography) For Sale at 1stDibs Portrait, Chico Hamilton, Chico, Jerry, Jerry Schatzberg, Faye Dunaway, Hamilton, Wilson Pickett, London Photographer

About Chico Hamilton in Street, 1962 - Jerry Schatzberg (Portrait Photography) Signed on Reverse Silver Gelatin Print Printed on 20 x 24 inch paper From an Edition of 20 Jerry Schatzberg’s portraits are characterised by their narrative quality, combining emotion and understated actions. During the 1960s, Schatzberg captured some of the most iconic and intimate portraits of a generation of celebrated figures.