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Japanese monster

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Rokurokubi: a type of Japanese yōkai with an extendible neck. They perform bad deeds such as attacking at night and drinking their victims' blood.

When you take a look into Japan's traditional culture, it's completely natural that Halloween has taken hold in Japan. Here is a Halloween inspired post, covering some common Japanese monsters you might encounter while absorbing the culture.

Keukegen: Keukegen are particularly filthy monsters commonly found in populated areas. They are the size of a small dog, and appear simply as a mass of long, dirty hair. They make their homes in cool, damp, dark places, and are particularly fond of living under floorboards and around run-down homes, where stuffiness, moisture, and lack of human activity create the perfect breeding place for sickness.

毛羽毛現 けうけげん Translation: hairy, fluffy sight; alternatively, rare and dubious thing Habitat: damp homes, dirty gardens, moldy closets, under floorboards Diet: mold, dirt, and garbage Appearance: Keukegen are filthy monsters commonly found in populated areas. They are the size of a small dog and appear as a mass of long, dirty hair. Keukegen make their homes in cool, damp,

How the Terrible Japanese Kappa Monster Became Cute - Japan Talk

Human's have always had a mixed relationship with kappa. Although fearsome and depraved — kappa are honest and generally keep their word (they can speak Japanese).

Umi bōzu | Yokai.com

海坊主 うみぼうず Translation: sea monk Alternate names: umi nyūdō, umi hōshi Habitat: seas, oceans, bays Diet: unknown Appearance: Perhaps no other aquatic yōkai is as mysterious as the giant umi bōzu. Their true form is unknown. Umi bōzu are only ever seen from the shoulders up, but they appear to be roughly humanoid in shape, with inky black skin and

The Scariest Sea Monsters from Legends Around the World

Legends about sea monsters have haunted communities across the globe for centuries. Mythical sea creatures have been characterized as spirits, enormous ...

Snake-lady. NURE ONNA

The Nure-Onna is a Japanese monster with the head of a woman and the body of a snake. While the description of her appearance varies slightly from side to side, she is depicted as being 30 feet long in length and has snake-like eyes/body with a human woman head, long beautiful hair, some nure-onnas has arms and long claws. The Nure-Onna can be seen on a beach or riverside, carrying with her a small, child-like bundle, which she uses to attract victims, likely young girls who (as seen in the…

Woo (Kaiju)

Woo (ウー, Ū) is a strange supernatural Kaiju that watched over the snow capped Phantom Mountain, seemingly protecting an orphan girl. After several attempts were made at the girl's life, Woo began to rampage about the mountain and Ultraman intervened. Woo only stopped after the orphan girl succumbed to the cold after being chased by local huntsmen. A second Woo, this time representing the spirit of a young girl's deceased father, emerged in the mountains of Japan to fight the Terrible-Monster…

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Yuko Shimizu - DISCOVERY CHANNEL yokai feature - yuko shimizu yokai Japan discovery channel

Beware of the Yokai! an 8 page, seven illustration feature of Japanese mythical creatures appreared in Discovery Channel Magazine June/July 2009 issue. six yokais featured are: Kappa, Tengu, Tanuk

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