Japandi door

Enhance your living space with modern and minimalist Japandi door designs. Find inspiration to bring a touch of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics to your home.
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Do you love the Japanese influences on western culture? And I'm not just talking about sushi (although that's a really great one!). Japanese design is a very minimalist style. The kind of style that gives you room to breathe and relax. It is not crammed with stuff, or even a lot of color. It is serene and beautiful. You too can have that style and it probably wouldn't hurt to get rid of some of our clutter along the way! PLANTS Bonsai, orchids, bamboo and simple greenery are an easy way to…

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To this day, feng shui is used to orient buildings, homes, offices and other dwellings in an auspicious manner. To live in harmony requires us to understand the energy and environments that we reside in, which can manifest in both good and bad forms. Discover new ways to approach the holiday spirit, deck the halls in Eastern elements, garnish your tableware in inky blues or keep to classic infused with cultured traditions.

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