Jam print cookies

Indulge in the delightful taste of jam print cookies. Learn how to make these delicious treats and enjoy a sweet and satisfying snack for any occasion.
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Raspberry thumbprint cookies are a perfect dessert for Valentine's Day, Christmas or any time of year! Learn how to make these thumbprint cookies with icing, including the best time to add jam to your cookies. Should you add jam before, during or after baking? I'm sharing my results for this classic cookie recipe.

Kathleen Maxwell
These Strawberry Thumbprint Cookies will always be a well like holiday approved dessert. Thumb print cookies are in demand and popular because there is an endless amount of filling variations and flavor combinations that truly make this a timeless cookie classic. A basic dough recipe that can be filled with different flavor jams, jelly, and fruit preserves. For a twist, drizzle in chocolate or caramel sauce. Popular, Ginger Bread Cookies Recipe, Thumbprint Cookies Recipe, Gingerbread Cookie Dough, Jelly Cookies, Holiday Cookies, Cookies Ingredients, Christmas Cookie Recipes, Christmas Cookie Recipes Holiday

These Christmas recipes are the most popular and beloved holiday cookies of all time. Maybe you're having your first-holiday party, hosting your family's annual Christmas event, looking for a recipe to bring to an office

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