Inside cabinets

Maximize your cabinet space with these clever ideas for organizing inside cabinets. Find innovative solutions to keep your belongings tidy and easily accessible.
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What Color Should You Paint The Inside Of Kitchen Cabinets?

Renovating your entire kitchen can cost a pretty penny and can be a considerable inconvenience. Simply painting the kitchen cabinets can update the look of your entire kitchen on a minimal budget. You’ve chosen your paint color but now face a dilemma. To paint or not paint the inside, and what color should be used? […]

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18 Inspiring Inside-Cabinet Door Storage Ideas

Increase your home's storage space by utilizing every possible nook and cranny, including the backs of cabinet and closet doors. With inexpensive materials and basic tools, you can easily and quickly make these clever storage boosters.

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Integrated Lighting - LED Lights & Strip Lighting

Integrated lighting can help you find things inside your drawers and make preparing food easier and safer. IKEA can help you bring light to everyone room in your home with LED integrated lights and light strips

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How to Organize Corner Cabinets

Corner kitchen cabinet organization can be tricky. Do you have that awkward corner cabinet and lazy susans won't help? These simple steps might help you keep organized!

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How to Organize Cabinets Above the Refrigerator

What should you place in the cabinets above the refrigerator? Check out these easy and inexpensive organization solutions!

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Use all that beautiful storage space in your kitchen, even the awkward areas in high cabinets. There are lots of things you can use them for. Check out some rules of thumb and what other people are keeping there. #whattostoreinhighkitchencabinets #storageideasforhighkitchencabinets Kitchen Top Cabinet Organization, Top Cabinet Organization Kitchen Storage, Tall Kitchen Cabinets Organization, Arrange Kitchen Cabinets Storage, Upper Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas, Top Kitchen Cabinet Organization, Where To Store Things In Kitchen Cabinets, High Cabinet Organization, High Cupboard Storage Ideas

What to Store in High Kitchen Cabinets?

We love having storage space, but sometimes our cabinets can really make it challenging to take full advantage of it. Unfortunately many people leave these spaces empty. But there are lots of options!In those high kitchen

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