Indoor tanning

Achieve a natural, sun-kissed tan all year round with indoor tanning. Explore the best tips and techniques for a flawless and healthy glow.
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Indoor tanning is a way to get a tan without outdoor sun exposure. Approximately 10 percent of Americans visit an indoor tanning facility each year, according to the Indoor Tanning Association. Indoor tanning equipment, such as tanning...

Uyên Nguyễn
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If you have never used a tanning bed before, the process can seem a bit intimidating. You may be worried about how to properly hydrate your skin, or how to position your body to avoid getting awkward tan lines. So before heading to your...

Tessa Boyles
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Vitamin D from tanning beds can be an effective way of staying healthy and energetic each fall and winter. After years of thinking all tanning beds were dangerous, I learned how to tan safely — and why to avoid oral Vitamin D pills. In this article, I also look at the potential dangers of tanning beds.