Ice ball

Elevate your drink game with these unique ice ball ideas. Create a visually stunning and refreshing experience with perfectly spherical ice balls that melt slowly, keeping your drink chilled for longer.
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About this item Slow Melting Ice Balls - Bella Amazing Ice Molds will create perfectly sized 2.5 inches round balls that will keep your drinks remain cold for longer. These huge spherical slow-melting ice will not dilute your drinks like standard ice cubes, ensuring a long-lasting flavorful drink that will impress your guests. Enjoy our decorative giant crystal spheres in a variety of attractive molder colors including Black, Blue, Orange, Light Blue, Red, and Green. Reusable & Stackable…

Helen Frankos
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Spherical ice doesn’t just look great in a drink, it has practical advantages too. Today we’re going to look at two trays that can be used for making spherical, er, “cubes” at home. And as an added bonus, we’ll be talking to cocktail ice expert Camper English as well.Why Use Spherical Ice?Before we get started testing spherical ice makers, it’s worth stopping a moment to consider the benefits of using the round stuff in the first place.

Nicole Wilson