Ian berry

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Ian Berry, a renowned artist known for his unique denim masterpieces. Explore his incredible work and be inspired to see denim in a whole new light.
In a Delicate Cycle. Made from Recycled and Upcycled Blue Jeans Denim Art. By Ian Berry. Patchwork, Art, Design, Sculptures, Portraits, Street Art, Mural, Exhibition, British Artist

Art that you are likely to confuse for an oil painting, or a blue toned photograph. For British Artist Ian Berry, it's not about using denim as a recycled and upcycled material to take all of the credit and to justify a less than perfect result. His artworks are so good, that people mistake them for other mediums, even when they are relatively close to the actual piece. One of the things he says, is that in photographs and prints, a lot of the depth of the cololor and texture differences are…