Hunter sailboats

Embark on a sailing adventure with Hunter sailboats. Discover the elegance and performance of these sailboats and set sail for unforgettable experiences on the open water.
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Why people hate hunter sailboats?

People hate hunter sailboats is mostly because of their poor quality, poor structure, and not sailing fast. However, there are also quite a lot of hunter-owners who love their boats. Poor quality Some hunter owners complained that their boats are made from plastic, it is easy to break pieces during strong weather. One hunter-380 owner … Why Do People Hate Hunter Sailboat? Read More »

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Marlow-Hunter from USA

Marlow-Hunter is a boat manufacturer from United States, which over forty years of experience. They make ten types of boats, grouped in four categories: Fiberglass Trailerable Daysailers (15-22 ft), Mid-size Keelboats (31-37 ft), and Large Keelboats (40-50 ft). I have been attracted to present them here because the offer on is huge. [source] Telephone: […]

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