Hunk voltron

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Hunk is a man of immense size, both physically and emotionally. He is also the Paladin of the... Fictional Characters, Comics, Fan Art, Manga, Cosplay, Hirst, Hunk, Hunk Garrett, Hunk Voltron

Hunk is the beating heart of Voltron and a man of many talents. As well as a capable fighter, he's also a pilot, mentor, diplomat, engineer, and galaxy-renowned chef. He is the Paladin of the Yellow Lion of Voltron. Hunk is tall, burly and heavyset, with a square jaw and dark brown hair. His size makes him a formidable opponent and capable of wielding his Bayard; a formidable hand-held cannon. His skin tone is mahogany and his eyes are dark to match. His hair is long and straight in the…