How to organize garage cabinets

Learn how to efficiently organize your garage cabinets with these practical tips. Maximize your storage space and keep your garage clutter-free with these simple organizing ideas.
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If you spent half as much time picking your garage cabinets as you did your kitchen cabinets do you think you’d find a better product?If you’re like most people this answer is a big, fat…. YES!The garage is the ‘red-haired-stepchild’ of your home (and I mean no offense to red-haired stepchildren reading this). It gets no respect. As a matter of fact, garages aren’t even tallied as ‘square footage’ when you go to sell your place.But in today’s space-constrained world, garages are proving to…

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We gave our garage a total overhaul from the floor up! We're talking freshly painted walls, freshly painted floor and we decluttered and organized. This created a functional, organized, and awesome work space for us. Come see the amazing before and after!

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25% of homeowners keep their garage doors closed because they’re embarrassed others will see in.Over 1/3 of homeowners can’t park their cars, SUV’s and trucks in their garage because they’ve got too much stuff (or you can call it junk) stored inside.Most people think of the garage as the ugliest ‘room’ of their house (or they don’t consider this huge space a room at all but use it like the home’s oversized junk drawer).Your garage is a pain you wish would fix itself.Now that Spring has…

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