How to harvest sage fresh herbs

Learn how to harvest sage and other fresh herbs to enhance your culinary creations. Discover tips and tricks for preserving the flavors and aromas of these natural ingredients in your dishes.
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Growing a culinary herb garden is fun and easy. Most herbs are easy to grow and will provide months of flavor to your meals. Plus, growing your own herbs can help you save money from your grocery budget. Discover how easy it is to grow your own basil, thyme, chives, and more!

Michelle Ellsworth
12 Creative Ways to Preserve Sage | Kitchn Gardening, Gadgets, Canning Recipes, Food Storage, Sauces, How To Dry Sage, Drying Herbs, Preserve Fresh Herbs, Fresh Herbs

Sage is an intensely aromatic herb, and unlike its tender cousins — basil and parsley — its leaves are sturdy and resinous. Because of sage’s powerful aroma and oily texture, a little goes long way, flavor-wise. The preserving possibilities are numerous, so we get to be creative with this potent perennial. Infuse honey with dried sage leaves to add flavor to hot or iced tea, sweeten baked goods, add to a citrus-y marinade, or serve on a cheese plate.

Terrie Brownfield