How to draw portraits

Unlock your artistic potential and learn how to draw captivating portraits. Discover essential techniques, step-by-step tutorials, and expert advice to create stunning and lifelike portraits that will leave a lasting impression.
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Portrait drawing can be very difficult, you not only need to draw the facial features correctly, but you also need to place them in the right places in order to produce a believable face. Placing the facial features in the wrong area and drawing them in the wrong size will make you lose likeness inRead More

Sara Black

Drawing is a form of art people dedicate their entire lives to. But when their beautiful works inspire you to pick up a pencil, you might end up with a hideous doodle that looks more like a graphite vomit than an attempt to portray something. But don't worry. Someone has created a tutorial for beginner artists, showing why most rookies fail. And yes, they've included the sauce that most schools lack - the informal language that compliments the information so well, it becomes easy to digest.

Nancy Kelly