How to clean brass

Learn how to clean brass and bring back its natural shine with these effective methods. Discover step-by-step instructions and expert tips to keep your brass items looking beautiful.

how to clean brass and remove tarnish with this diy. It works for hardware items, candlesticks, door handles, knobs, and hinges. How to polish tarnished

Angela Rentz Hensley
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Sometimes the best feature of an old piece of furniture is it’s vintage hardware. Brass knobs and pulls are some of our favorite hardware to work with. Usually brass hardware on old furniture is tarnished and covered in years of dirt and grime. The good news is that you can clean brass hardware pretty easily to restore it to its original glory! Below we share with you 5 ways you can bring the shine back to old brass hardware. But first, is it solid brass or brass plated? Before we share with…

Caroline Everett