How to chocolate covered strawberries

Learn how to make irresistible chocolate covered strawberries with these delicious and easy recipes. Surprise your loved ones with this sweet treat and indulge in a heavenly dessert.
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Spread the loveA dessert we absolutely LOVE in this house is Chocolate Covered Strawberries! They are just delicious! Also, strawberries are pretty much available year round now which makes it so that we can indulge more often. I feel like this didn’t use to be the case.. Anyway, we love using Baker’s Dipping Chocolate for our …

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How to make chocolate covered strawberries, from plain chocolate dipped strawberries to two-toned drizzled strawberries. With all the tips to make this easy gourmet dessert at home!

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The complete guide to making perfect chocolate covered strawberries using tempered white, milk and dark chocolate.


The season of love is officially here and this year, I decided to attempt making the classic Valentine’s Day treat for the family for the first time. Although quite popular around this time of year, I’d never tried making chocolate-covered strawberries before and I soon realized there was a lot to learn. There are a...Read the Post

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Enjoy the fresh flavor of Chocolate Covered Strawberries any time with these easy Frozen Chocolate Covered Strawberries. It’s the perfect snack to store in the freezer!

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